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Plank Workout Videos on YouTube

Up For a Core Challenge? Try Plank Workout Videos You Can Do Just About Anywhere

Plank Workout Videos on YouTube

Really want to get into the deepest parts of your core? How about a plank? There are difficult varieties like the hardstyle plank and eight-point plank, a favorite of pro surfer Lakey Peterson. There are also modifications you can make to take down the intensity a bit but keep the transverse abdominis, or TVA, engaged (aka your deep core!).

Before you try any variations that are a bit more challenging, you'll definitely want to perfect proper form. As Kenzie Hayes, a coach for personal-training platform Ladder, ACE-certified group fitness instructor, and personal trainer, told POPSUGAR in a previous interview, an elbow plank is "the foundation for almost all other planks, so it's very important to have correct form in this move. Planking in front of a mirror or with a workout buddy can help you ensure that your core is properly engaged and that your booty is down and in line with your shoulders."

If you're interested in taking it up a notch, check out this basic yet effective four-minute plank workout. And ahead, you'll find a handful of videos you can follow along to that focus on all kinds of planks. There's a Class FitSugar squat and plank routine and some "plank challenges," all 10 minutes or fewer.

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