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Try Reese Witherspoon's Golden Globes Fitness Routine

Reese Witherspoon Gets Red Carpet Ready With This Intense Cardio-Strength Yoga Workout

Try Reese Witherspoon's Golden Globes Fitness Routine
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When we're watching stars take on the red carpet at big award shows like the Golden Globes, Oscars, or Grammys, we don't always think about the prep it takes to get there. One person who does? Celebrity yoga instructor Kirschen Katz. It's her job to work out with stars year-round, but especially during a stressful and busy awards season; her clients include Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, and Michelle Williams, all of whom were up for (or won!) Golden Globes this year. When it comes to fitness, the focus isn't just on looking good, Kirschen said. "For the people I work with, fitness is a huge component of their self-care," she told POPSUGAR.

With awards shows, Kirschen focuses on both aspects: looking toned and fit, and feeling calm, strong, and confident. Reese gave her fans a little taste of what that routine is like when she posted a "Get Ready With Me" YouTube video about her Golden Globes day-of prep. For the full story, POPSUGAR sat down with Kirschen and got the details on the mental-and-physical prep routine Reese did just hours before the big show.

Reese Witherspoon's Golden Globes Fitness Routine

  1. Three-to-five-mile run. Reese loves to run, Kirschen shared, so they started with a few miles to get her body warmed up and moving. Besides the physical benefits, running also improves mood and may increase dopamine levels in the brain. "It's a very exciting day, but it can also be very stressful," Kirschen said. A morning run helps to shake out those nerves.
  2. Upper-body weights workout. After the run, Reese grabbed a couple of dumbbells for a streamlined upper-body workout. She wore a sleeveless gown that night, so the focus was on toning her back, arms, chest, and shoulders with moves like bicep curls and upright rows. Using a set of lighter dumbbells, "I like to do two sets of about 12 to 15," Kirschen explained. "We do biceps, we do triceps, we do three or four different shoulder movements." Each exercise works to "expose those beautiful muscles in the arms and shoulders."
  3. Thirty-minute yoga practice. Kirschen and Reese did a little bit of everything in this quick yoga practice. Kirschen loves inversions such as headstands, handstands, or wall dogs, which invite calm and aid blood flow to the upper extremities. The practice is a flow, incorporating plenty of sun salutations, Warrior poses, and chest-opening poses to help with posture, breath, and vocal strength, Kirschen explained. We've included more of Kirschen and Reese's go-to awards show prep moves ahead.
  4. Breath work. To round out the routine, Reese and Kirschen went through some calming and focusing breath practices, known as pranayama in yoga. For a simple practice, Kirschen recommends inhaling for two counts, then exhaling for four, slowly building up to longer five or 10 counts. She'll also include Khumbhaka breath retention: inhaling for four counts, holding for four, then exhaling for four. "There's so much chatter in the head. "These are high-profile, super busy women," Kirschen said. "Sometimes we need to calm that brain down. If you can tap into the breath and the emptiness between the breaths, that's where you really can become creative and calm."

"I love the whole flow of it," Kirschen said of the pre-show routine. "The run, the cardio. We move to the weights, and then we stretch and lengthen everything out with the yoga."

Keep reading for more of the calming and strengthening yoga moves that Kirschen does with Reese and her other clients before awards shows and whenever they want to look and feel their best, before awards and anytime.

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