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Seated Upper-Body Workout You Can Do While Watching Netflix

Challenge: Do This Trainer's Toning Upper-Body Workout While Watching Netflix

Ever wanted to get a bit of a workout in while sitting on the couch and binge-watching your favorite show? We certainly know the feeling — and Rachel Gulotta, a NASM-certified personal trainer, posted a video on YouTube demonstrating just how easy it is to do an upper-body session seated.

Gulotta showcases moves that work to tone your biceps and triceps, shoulders, back, and chest. She's using two-pound weights, though she told POPSUGAR that people can stick to whatever dumbbells work best for them or utilize everyday items such as canned foods, bottles, or candles. "They can also just use their own body resistance by squeezing their active muscles tightly," she said. "Making sure to keep tension out of their neck."

The exercises include variations of different lifts, overhead and bent-over triceps extension on each side, wide bicep curls, front raises, and more, most done for 30 seconds each. The whole thing is broken up into two separate circuits which you repeat two times each (note: there is one exercise in the beginning for your back and shoulders that isn't repeated a second time through — but that's OK!). It's under 15 minutes total!

Gulotta revealed that she's been taking it easy due to a hip injury, and she's done some variety of these moves every other day. "Remember to keep your core tight throughout the duration of these exercises," she writes in the YouTube description. Give this a try during one of your go-to series or movies.

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