Selena Gomez Opened Up About the Drastic Ways Therapy Helped Her "Understand" Herself

Over the last few years, Selena Gomez has truly established herself as an advocate for therapy and mental health. While she's no stranger to opening up about her struggles with anxiety and depression, the 26-year-old star's latest interview touched upon the often-stigmatized concept of therapy, and how important it is to her. On Wednesday, Selena appeared on Coach's debut episode of its Dream It Real podcast, and as her first major interview of the year, she got real about "Authenticity."

"I am a believer of therapy," she said when asked about advice to her younger self. "I wish I could have done a lot of things and experienced things maybe a little differently. But I go to therapy."

She added, "[Therapy] is [hard] but it's amazing. It's just hard." When one of Selena's close friends asked her about therapy because she didn't have the best experience for the first session, Selena recalled, "I said to her, 'You have to just give it a month because you can't go in and do that, and it's hard for people to open up.' But I think that it's just one of the most important things to get to know yourself. Not saying everyone in the world has to do it, but I do think that it's helped me understand myself and my childhood a lot better."

Despite being the most followed person on Instagram before being passed by Ariana Grande and Cristiano Ronaldo, Selena's really pulled back from using the platform. "It is not that healthy to be on it all the time because I noticed with me, I got kind of depressed looking at these people who look beautiful and amazing, and it would just get me down a lot so I just think taking breaks is really important," she shared. "I think that sometimes people are exposed to too much, and you should really protect what you're seeing and be mindful, be really mindful of how it makes you feel."

With the idea of social media giving users unrealistic expectations about people's appearances and lives, Selena wants her fans to know "you're enough."

"You're absolutely enough. And if you deal with things that are really difficult like family issues, or anxiety, depression or substance issues, I just think that you're never too far gone. I really believe that," she said. "You are valued and even if you feel absolutely alone, that there are millions of people that feel that way, and I want to encourage them to get to know who they are . . . I spent years of my life trying to navigate who I am and overcome so many obstacles. So I don't think it's easy. I believe in people and I've seen amazing people go through the hardest things, and it inspires me." And she absolutely inspires us! Listen to Selena's full episode on Coach's Dream It Real podcast here.