Dance Your Stress Away With Stephen "tWitch" Boss and Allison Holker's Latest 20-Minute Workout

Doing workouts led by professional dancers Stephen "tWitch" Boss and wife Allison Holker is easy — you can follow along live via Instagram, or tune in afterwards on your own. These two are the king and queen of dance, and they call their sessions the "Boss Family Workout Groovealongs," where they teach fun choreography set to a great playlist of songs.

The moves are broken down, so no prior dance experience is needed. "All you have to do is set up whatever you're watching us on in front of you and follow the screen like a mirror," Boss explains.

For this Aug. 12 edition, seen above, you'll step and roll it out around your house as a warmup while Boss and Holker do the same. Then, you'll rotate your hips, slide front to back, get into some shoulder rocking, and transition into more moves that incorporate your whole body. Most importantly, these 20-plus minutes will put a smile on your face. As Boss says, "we're just here to raise the vibration." Our vibrations are definitely raised!

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