I Need to Talk About How Much I Love Tone It Up's Ankle Weights

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I've been a member of the Tone It Up community for several years — I love everything Katrina and Karena have to offer and have been around for the launch of the app, as well as every new addition to their product line at Target. (Their chocolate plant-based protein is an established resident in my shopping cart.) Needless to say, I was excited when TIU recently released new fitness equipment. One particular item I had my eye on? The Tone It Up Ankle Weights ($22).

Despite being eight months pregnant, I ordered the ankle weights this past fall — I couldn't wait to try them out — and I've been using them ever since. After incorporating them into my fitness routine for several months now, I'm happy to report that they have lived up to all of my expectations. (Yes, I had expectations for ankle weights, and they've been met.) Here's why I love them.

1. The burn is real. So, I thought my lower body was fairly strong. Emphasis on "thought." These ankle weights are only 2.5 lbs each but start to feel much heavier in just a matter of minutes. I am definitely a bit of a fitness junkie and love that these weights are challenging my body in new ways. I know they're helping me to become that much stronger!

2. They're versatile! As mentioned above, I definitely consider myself to be a part of the TIU community. As such, I enjoy following all of the various Tone It Up workouts through the TIU app. I've been using these weights as instructed while following along with several different kinds of workouts. But even if you don't subscribe to the Tone It Up app (though I recommend it!), you can just as easily add these weights to your preexisting fitness routine. Here are some tips for using ankle weights safely and effectively.

3. They're cute. Did I just describe ankle weights as cute? Yep! Katrina and Karena never fail to deliver when it comes to making workout gear fashionable. These puppies come in a refreshing aqua color.

4. They're no fuss. These weights are easy to put on, require minimal cleaning (just wipe them with a damp cloth), and take up precious little space in your home. I find the easier and less fussy my fitness routine is, the more likely I am to stick with it. I like my workout equipment to be the same!

Without a doubt, these weights were more than worth the $22 I spent on them. They're helping me to achieve my fitness and health goals (something I'm really amped on now that I'm a mom), and they're keeping my workouts interesting by adding a new element of variety. I highly recommend giving them a shot — your legs, booty, and core will thank you!