The 20-Minute Let-It-All-Out Workout For When You're Feeling Riled Up

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I'm not always one to have a lot of energy for workouts in winter, but I'm finding ways to capitalize on those moments when I'm pumped from a really good FaceTime with a friend, a productive brainstorm at work, or just a good night of sleep.

For all those times when I find myself with a surge of energy during the day, all I want is to change into my UA Infinity Mid Heather Sports Bra ($40) and squeeze in a good sweat. That's why I turned to Elite Trainer at Crunch Burbank Joshua Yakes (MS PTAGlobal-CPT/ESM NASM-CES PN-L1) for the perfect quick, at-home workout to channel some of that good-vibe energy into a meaningful workout.

Get the full dynamic workout below.

Quarter Squat With Quarter Lunge

Focus: Glutes and legs


  1. Lower your body into a quarter squat so you're between fully standing and the bottom position of a squat. Hold your body in this stance, as you'll never leave the quarter squat position throughout the movement. Perform a squat.
  2. Once back in the quarter squat position, perform a quarter reverse lunge by placing your foot behind you half the distance of a standard reverse lunge. Perform the lunge on each leg before returning to the quarter squat position.
  3. Your exercise should look something like this: squat, right lunge, left lunge, squat, right lunge, left lunge.
  4. Repeat for 60 seconds

Trainer tip: "If you have a resistance band, place it above the knees for an increased glute burn."


Focus: Triceps and biceps


  1. Stand in the quarter squat position as mentioned above. With your chest and head up, place one arm in the bicep curl position in front of you.
  2. Place the other arm fully extended and raised upward behind you for a tricep kickback.
  3. Slowly and simultaneously alternate each arm.
  4. Your exercise should look something like this: right arm bicep curl, left arm triceps kickback, right arm triceps kickback, left arm bicep curl.
  5. Repeat for 60 seconds

Trainer tip: Add in dumbbells or weights for more intensity with each curl.

Beast Mode

Focus: Core


  1. Carefully get on all fours on the ground so you're on your toes with your knees raised off of the floor. Keep your core tight by keeping your back flat and your head up.
  2. Lift your right arm and touch the front of your left shoulder before placing your right arm back down.
  3. Next, lift your left arm and touch the front of your right shoulder before placing your left arm back down
  4. Your exercise should look something like this: left arm up, touch right shoulder, left arm down. Right arm up, touch left shoulder, right arm down.
  5. Repeat for 60 seconds.

1-2 Combo Burpee

Focus: Full body


  1. Stand in a fighting stance as if gearing up for kickboxing with your hands up at all times. (Remember: If you're right handed, then place your left foot forward. If you're left handed, then place your right foot forward.)
  2. Assign "1" to a jab movement. With the hand on the same side as your front leg, turn your body forward as you extend your hand. (Example: Right handers will have their left foot forward and will jab with their left hand.)
  3. Assign "2" to a cross movement, meaning perform a punch with your dominant hand. As you cross, turn your body forward and extend your arm forward as you punch.
  4. After performing a 1-2 combo (jab and cross), drop flat to the floor. Push yourself up, and stand up for the burpee portion. Perform another 1-2 combo and burpee.
  5. Your exercise should look something like this: 1-2-drop, 1-2-drop, 1-2-drop.
  6. Repeat for 60 seconds

To get the most out of your short and sweet workout, Yakes said to perform each exercise for 60 seconds, back to back, to complete one full round. Give yourself a minute to a minute-and-a-half break before completing the next round. Aim for four rounds to hit about 15 or 20 minutes of dynamic, energized work