A Therapist Reveals Important Conversations People Should Have More During Therapy

It can take time to find the right therapist. And even if you do have a connection with the mental health professional you've chosen, there are still certain conversations that might feel awkward or difficult to bring up. Licensed mental health counselor Micheline Maalouf is here on TikTok (with over 300K followers) to explain three uncomfortable things you should actually talk about with your therapist.

Uncomfortable Convo #1: You Want Something Different

Telling your therapist you're looking for something different than what's happening in your sessions is important. "Maybe you want them to listen more and be less directive or vice versa," Maalouf said. Communication is key.

Uncomfortable Convo #2: That 1 Thing You Haven't Told Anyone

If there's something that's bringing you a lot of shame or feelings of hurt, especially if you've been keeping it to yourself, you should tell your therapist. "I know it's uncomfortable, but they can help you process it and work through it," Maalouf noted.

Uncomfortable Convo #3: Lack of Progress

If you feel like you haven't made progress recently, it's a good idea to tell your therapist. You can lose motivation during therapy — that's normal — but stating this to your therapist can be a positive thing, as you both can brainstorm new ways to get back to that progress.

Watch the full video from Maalouf above. And the next time you're struggling with your words, consider being as candid as possible about your feelings and how your therapy sessions are going. When in doubt, bring it up — chances are your therapist probably wants you to.