Lizzo Can Belt Out "Cuz I Love You" While Running, and I'm Out of Breath Just Watching

After feeling inspired by Miley Cyrus singing while sprinting on the treadmill, Lizzo posted this video on her Instagram saying, "I saw Miley running and singing her song for stamina, so I'm gonna run and sing my song for stamina." In the video, she added, "I'm doing this for all the big girls out there. They said we couldn't do it!" As the video shows, she did that.

Running while singing is damn hard, as many people commented on her post, and you can see as the song progresses, she's breathing harder, but still keeping her pace and belting out those high notes. Halfway through the video, Lizzo says, "Why'd I pick this song? It's so hard!" I'm out of breath just watching her and her endurance, but there's no denying she crushed it!