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What's It Like to Get Dry Needling, and Does It Hurt?

Here's What Dry Needling Feels Like (It's More Painful Than I Thought but Totally Worth It)

What's It Like to Get Dry Needling, and Does It Hurt?

When I found out my kids' gymnastics gym offered 90-minute adult classes, I literally jumped at the idea and signed up immediately. Since gymnastics is a huge part of CrossFit, I thought it'd be a great way to strengthen my entire body, work on my handstands and pull-ups, and finally hit my goal of being able to do a muscle-up.

During the sixth class, we were practicing handstands and I lost my balance and slowly dropped into a backbend — not a big deal; I've done it a million times. But the next day, the front of my shoulder hurt a little. I had to stop taking gymnastics, sadly, and also took a break from CrossFit. After a month, it still wasn't healed, so I went to see a physical therapist. The verdict: a slight tear in my rotator cuff. She suggested I get dry needling, and so far, I've had two sessions. Here's what dry needling feels like.

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