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Yoga For Vulnerability From Yoga With Adriene Review

This Yoga Video Reminded Me That It's OK to Be Vulnerable Right Now

Somehow, despite being in the comfort of my own home during the coronavirus pandemic, I feel as vulnerable as ever. You'd think that I'd have a sense of safety cooped up with my family and our pets as we practice social distancing. There are moments when I do — don't get me wrong — but the hardship the world is facing right now makes me feel like I'm made of glass at times.

That's why I really appreciate Adriene Mishler's Yoga For Vulnerability. The popular yoga teacher wrote in the description of her YouTube video, "The awareness of my own vulnerability has made me more aware of others' vulnerability and more loving and receptive in general." This 35-minute flow is soothing — you start on the floor in the fetal position and focus on breath work — but also taps into your strength. The heat of planks will do that to you.

It's a gentle practice that features segments to massage the neck and stretch the back, hamstrings, and hips. You'll flow into a few minutes of lunges and, my favorite, Child's Pose. The point of this video, Mishler explains, is to accept your feeling of vulnerability and use it to create soft movements that ground you in the present moment. Including plank toward the end, if only for 30 seconds or so, symbolized something special for me — it reminded me that being vulnerable doesn't necessarily mean that I am weak. And I needed that reminder.

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