No Energy, No Excuses — You Can Do These On-the-Mat Ab Circuits Without Even Standing Up

There's so much to love about ab workouts, and I'm not just talking about how they strengthen your core muscles and give you that hurts-so-good burn in your midsection. Beyond all that, one great thing about a lot of ab workouts is that you can do them without getting off your mat even once. Yep, today we're talking about ab circuits you can do while lying down, which are great for when you're dealing with injuries, need a no-noise or small-space workout (#ApartmentLiving), or just do not feel like being on your feet right now. Been there! Am there currently!

These seven low-impact, no-standing ab workouts can be done anywhere and any time; just make sure you have a mat or a comfy floor you can do them on. Fire up your favorite one to get your core going ASAP. And, don't worry — just because you're not on your feet doesn't mean you won't be feeling these workouts the next day. We warned you . . .

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12 Minutes to Toned Abs Workout by Blogilates

Blogilates' Cassey Ho came through with this no-impact ab workout. The eagle crunches are next-level intense; I had to stop twice!

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Abs Challenge For Stunning Results by Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful concocted this ab workout as part of a two-week challenge, but you can definitely complete it on its own. Your core will love and hate you for it, trust me; the Pilates 100s sequence will challenge even the strongest lower abs.

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Extreme Abs Workout by Cirque du Soleil

It's called "Extreme Abs" for a reason — this workout is led by two Cirque du Soleil performers who are also NASM-certified personal trainers. Scared yet? It's seven minutes of nonstop burn, especially in your lower abs.

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Ab Workout For Beginners At Home by Koboko Fitness

"This workout was made with so much love, you are going to feel it in your bones!" We love the attitude Koboko Fitness takes into her workouts, and it's that positive energy that'll get you through this ab circuit. Moves like knees-down side plank and modified mountain climbers make it a good choice for beginners.

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Ab Crusher by Rebecca Louise

Rebecca Louise's upbeat attitude is infectious, and you'll need all the motivation she can give you for this 10-minute workout. Each exercise is more challenging than the last, beginning with a dead bug progression that'll get your core burning before the first four minutes are up.

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Abs Workout At Home Without Weights by Caroline Jordan

This 10-minute workout might be no-impact, but it's so fast-paced that you're guaranteed to work up a sweat. You do 30 seconds of each exercise with no breaks!

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15-Minute Abs Workout by Fitness Blender

This guided workout from Fitness Blender features good technique and explanations for each move while hitting all the areas of your core, including your back and obliques.