Want to Get Strong at Home? Here Are 7 Bodyweight Strength Workouts Your Muscles Will Love

POPSUGAR Photography | Matthew Kelly
POPSUGAR Photography | Matthew Kelly

If your at-home gym — or, you know, that corner of your living room where you squeeze in your workouts — is lacking in the equipment department, you're definitely not alone. I finally managed to get my hands on a few sets of light dumbbells, but even those are no match for my gym's weight racks and rows upon rows of machines. (And floor space. Oh, the floor space. What I wouldn't do for a big, empty studio right now!) No-equipment cardio workouts are a little easier; you can always go for a run or fly through some burpees. But when you're sitting there with nothing but a mat — and sometimes not even that — what are you supposed to do about strength workouts?

As usual, it's bodyweight moves to the rescue. While bodyweight workouts aren't going to build major muscle the way weighted ones do, they're a great way to get you stronger, leaner, and more functional in everyday life. Especially effective are compound bodyweight moves, which can help you improve muscle definition — and get you through workouts faster and more efficiently — by working multiple muscle groups at once. Convinced? We've rounded up seven effective bodyweight strength workouts, all free, all on YouTube, to get started. Find some space, grab some water, and get ready to work!

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30-Minute Bodyweight Workout by Class FitSugar

If toned muscles are your goal, you can't go wrong with this full-body workout. Led by Barry's instructor Taylor Walker, you'll start with a mobility warmup and then get into moves like side lunges, squat jumping jacks, and sumo squats — and that's only the first series!

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Total Body Strength Training Without Weights for Women by Joanna Soh

This full-body strength workout is set up as a "descending ladder": you'll start with 20 reps of each exercise, then 15, then 10, then five for a final, heart-pumping burnout. ACE-certified trainer Joanna Soh is dripping sweat by the end, so you know it's effective!

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200-Rep Bodyweight Workout by Class FitSugar

Give Class FitSugar host Anna Renderer 15 minutes of your time and she'll push you through a total of 200 rep in this workout — there's even a rep counter to keep you on track! With burpees, push-ups, speed skaters, and ab roll-ups, you get a combination of cardio and strength with this 20-minute workout.

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30-Minute At-Home Upper Body Strength Workout by ClassPass

This 30-minute workout from ClassPass focuses on the upper body, but it's full of compound movements so you'll really be feeling the burn all over! You'll create your own resistance with moves like the resisted bicep curl, where pushing down on your own fist creates a major challenge for your arm muscles. It's three blocks plus an extra "max out" series, so get ready to sweat!

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30-Minute No-Equipment Full-Body Toning Workout by Class FitSugar

The combo of toning moves and cardio bursts in this Class FitSugar workout can help you achieve muscle definition, and will definitely make you sweat. The barre-inspired movements like sumo squat pulses and oblique side kicks really ignite a burn!

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No Equipment Upper Body & Abs Workout by FitnessBlender

This 30-minute FitnessBlender workout hones in on your arms and abs. It's a great choice if you're working out with limited space or looking for something more low-impact that still challenges your muscles.

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45-Minute Total Body Strength Workout Without Equipment by HASfit

Want a longer workout? This 45-minute strength blast is a good choice. You'll start with lower-body moves to get your blood pumping, then transition into a challenging upper-body series full of push-up variations, and finally hit your core at the end.