5 YouTube Yoga Instructors Who'll Help You Expand Your At-Home Practice

I appreciate the YouTube community now more than ever, as the platform's yoga creators are making my practice away from the studio seem a little less limited — in fact, they've taken my flows to a whole new level.

Through their teachings, I'm getting physical relief after sitting at my couch desk all day along with spiritual guidance, modified teachings, themed flows, and meditation sessions.

After completing a yoga video by the following experts, my body and mind feel rejuvenated. Check them out if you need to invigorate your at-home practice. I have a feeling you'll be lingering around their pages after just one flow.

Shona Vertue

As a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and former gymnast, Shona Vertue truly does it all. That's why her yoga videos are great for when you're looking for a specific workout. From "Yoga for Period Pain" to "Pre-Flight Yoga" to "Yoga at Your Desk," Vertue covers all the bases.

Check out her channel, here.

Edyn Loves Life

When I need an assisted flow, I click on yoga instructor Edyn Loves Life's page. She's supertransparent and offers up a wealth of yoga knowledge. Her videos "How to Step Through, Forward Fold, use Blocks" and "Wrist-Free Flow" are especially helpful modified practices.

Check out her channel, here.

Faith Hunter

Tap into the spiritual side of your yoga practice with meditation and yoga instructor Faith Hunter. She not only offers guided flows, but a YouTube series called "Spiritual Fly Life," where she sits down with cultural transformers to discuss and celebrate life.

Check out her channel, here.

This Curvi Yoga

After I'm done with one of This Curvi Yoga's yoga flows, I often return to her page for an emotional pick-me-up video. The certified yoga instructor offers video series on gratitude, meditation, and self-care along with her yoga classes.

Check out her channel, here.

Arianna Elizabeth

On days when I'm really missing my yoga studio, I turn to certified instructor Arianna Elizabeth's YouTube playlist, "Full-Length Classes." Her calming voice, aesthetically pleasing backdrops, and fun soundtracks elevate each session — you almost feel as though she is in the room with you.

Check out her channel, here.

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