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Ways to Eat Hummus

11 Ways to Eat Hummus, Because the Obsession Is Real

Raise your hand if you're completely, ridiculously, can't-live-without-it obsessed with hummus. . . . Still with me? Thought so. Dippable, versatile, and pretty darn good for you, this bean dip is a fridge staple for good reason. Here are 11 ways, both classic and creative, to sneak even more hummus into your life.

Source: Jelly Toast

At mealtime:

  • In a wrap or sandwich instead of mayonnaise, aioli, or other spreads.
  • Topped with spiced ground beef and pine nuts. (This might sound a bit odd, but it's actually a traditional Lebanese mezze and delicious.)
  • Spread thick on toast and topped with pickled veggies for a light lunch.
  • As the star of a bagel sandwich (either close- or open-face); we're partial to the combination of a whole-wheat bagel with spicy hummus, sliced cucumbers, and sun-dried tomatoes, but you do you.

As a snack:

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Dressed up for a party:

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