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The Best Air Fryer Recipes For Beginners

31 Air Fryer Recipes That Will Make Eating Healthy Easier (and Tastier!) Than Ever

Air Fried Vegetables Snack Platter
Image Source: Cotter Crunch

Forget deep frying — air fryers are here to change the way you cook, eat, and ultimately enjoy food. This healthier alternative to deep-frying is easy and fast, meaning even a beginner chef could try out an air-fried recipe. With fresh flavors, crunchy exteriors, and mouthwatering results, making food in an air fryer will turn every meal into a masterpiece.

If you've ever craved fresh, homemade donuts on a lazy morning at home, there's a recipe for that that only takes 35 minutes. If you're on the hunt for the best toasted ravioli recipe, we've got that, too. And, if you're longing for a Chick-Fil-A crispy chicken sandwich but it's a Sunday, fear not, because this air fried version is — dare we say it — so much better.

Complete with fresh appetizers, mouthwatering breakfast ideas, and dessert options that are almost too easy to make, this curated list of recipes will make cooking at home a breeze. Whether you need food fast or you're looking to try out a new recipe, these ideas are fit for foodies of all kinds. Keep reading to see the best air fryer recipes for beginners, ahead.

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