Starbucks Released TWO Vampire Frappuccinos For You to Sink Your Fangs Into

Take a seat, Pumpkin Spice Latte, because the Vampire Frappuccino is coming out to play. The seasonal barista gods at Starbucks have released not one but two Vampire Frappuccinos for Halloween, and they're filled with all the bloody possibilities strawberry puree has to offer. From now until Oct. 31, Starbucks locations in the UK, Singapore, Norway, and Sweden have added the fang-friendly drinks to the menu.

According to Starbucks Singapore, the Vampire Frappuccino is made with a layer of mocha sauce and a bit of whipped cream at the bottom. The "Mr. Vampire Frappuccino" adds chocolate cream, while the "Mrs. Vampire" is made with vanilla cream. "Both drinks are then finished with blood red strawberry purรฉe oozing from the rim and are topped with whipped cream. Pairs well with everything but prolonged daylight."

As for us in the US, we'll be waiting patiently for the Vampire Frappuccino to come suck our blood, as we drown ourselves in the brain-filled sugary Zombie Frappuccino, which is available at Starbucks now. Read on to see bloody photos of the Vampire Frappuccinos.