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Latinx Beauty Routines

How These Latinxs Channel Their Roots Through Beauty

Latinx Beauty Routines
Image Source: Jonathan Borba / Flickr

After moving to the United States from Puerto Rico a few years ago, I realized that my beauty routine was moving toward making me stand out as a Latina. I was mixing patterns like a pro, wearing bright-colored lipsticks and hoops five out of seven days a week, and my hair was getting bigger and curlier. I also wasn't afraid of standing out as a Latina in the workplace or in public, even in a time when many Latinxs were understandably afraid of being identified as such because of racism and abuse. Soon, I discovered that I wasn't the only one. Latinxs around me were proud, loud, and colorful. We fed off of each other. And not only did our accents give us away (if you had one, of course), so did our beauty routines.

So I decided to talk to a few Latinxs in the US about how they use their beauty routines to stand out and channel their roots.

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