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Anxiety About Moving in With Partner

5 Common Worries You May Have About Moving in With Your SO, and How to Tackle Them

Anxiety About Moving in With Partner
Image Source: Meghan Mehan

When my boyfriend and I decided to move in together, it definitely felt sudden. We each lived with our parents in towns not far away, and we felt pretty comfortable in our routine, which we had carried on with for almost four years. (Mostly, this meant just being with each other all the time on the weekend.) But alas, he turned 27 and I 26, and that "shouldn't we be adulting?" feeling kicked in.

We had promised each other we'd spend time researching locations and scouting out buildings, but we fell in love with a one-bedroom unit that plenty more couples were interested in. When we were given the opportunity to sign the lease, we went for it — we didn't want to lose this place.

Almost instantly, my anxiety (which I've suffered from my entire life) kicked in. I had a couple of panic attacks during my long-ass commute to work — which was about to take half the time when I moved, so shouldn't I be happy?! — where I had total out-of-body experiences. I thought I was losing feeling on the right side of my body, broke out into a sweat, and then I'd just have phases where I felt like I was looking down on myself sending an email or a text. Minutes later, I'd have to go back and check if it actually really happened. That's anxiety, folks. It can actually make you feel physical symptoms that you might mistake for, I don't know, say, the flu.

Leading up to the big day, I knew I had to start packing, but I put it off. I didn't get any sleep the night after we filled up the U-Haul, even though all the boxes and bags fit perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle. Seriously, it was as if our furniture was telling us to GTFO of our parents' houses.

Anyway, what was I so damn nervous about? My boyfriend is my best friend on the planet. He knows everything about me; there's literally nothing I haven't done in front of him, no worry I haven't vocalized — in other words, he's totally aware that I'm a lot to handle.

Even still, I know I am not the only one who's been nervous about a major life change. Whether you're moving into your own studio apartment, you're crossing state borders, or you're doing just what I did and shacking up with your SO, I'm going to explain to you what my worries were and how each one of them faded away in — I kid you not — five days. Hopefully it gives you a little peace of mind.

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