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Trump Press Conference February 2017

16 Absurd Moments From President Trump's Sh*tshow of a Press Conference

President Donald Trump held his first solo press conference since taking office on Thursday, Feb. 16, and surprise: it was a nightmare. Peddling one lie after another, Trump blasted the press and defended his administration's competency. Trump also brought up Hillary Clinton several times, as if he was still campaigning against her.

The entire press conference seemed more like an episode of The Apprentice rather than a presidential address, and here are 16 moments to prove it.

1. He falsely asserted the number of Electoral College votes he won.

2. When pressed about the false Electoral College numbers, he blamed someone else by saying he was "given that information."

3. He denied "firing" General Mike Flynn as national security adviser for speaking with the Russian ambassador about US sanctions; instead, he said Flynn was behaving correctly in contacting the Russian ambassador and was only asked to retire because he misled Vice President Mike Pence about the call.

4. He criticized leaks related to the Flynn controversy while maintaining that Hillary Clinton's leaked emails were OK because they were not classified, although some of them were.

5. He dodged a question about Russia by asking why the press hadn't covered how Clinton received a debate question beforehand.

5. He lambasted the press for reporting fake news, again, and claimed the leaks about his campaign advisers having communication with Russians during the election were "real," but the news was "fake."

6. He continued to demonstrate his obsession with ratings and cable news.

7. He said drugs were becoming "cheaper than candy bars."

8. He claimed his administration was run like a "fine-tuned machine."

9. He asserted that Clinton was closer to Russian officials than he was, described how you can do "bad things" with uranium, and mused about bombing a Russian ship that was spotted off the US coast.

10. He said he was having a great time during the press conference and declared he wasn't "ranting" or "raving," although that's how the press would spin it.

11. He boasted Melania as a "great advocate" for "women's difficulties" and mentioned Ivanka in the question about Melania.

12. He maintained his claim that the travel ban's rollout was "smooth."

13. He tried to silence a reporter for asking a question about the rise of anti-Semitism and said it was insulting.

14. He suggested that he "inherited" a mess from Barack Obama without acknowledging that America is actually thriving.

15. He asked April Ryan, a black journalist, if she could set up a meeting between him and the Congressional Black Caucus.

16. He just realized he's a politician now.

Image Source: Getty / NICHOLAS KAMM
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