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10 Cool Ways to Decorate Your Hydro Flask

10 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Hydro Flask (Whether or Not You're a VSCO Girl)

At this point, my beloved Hydro Flask ($33) is an extension of me. Keeping my drinks at the perfect temperature and knocking a few cents off my Starbucks orders on the daily, it also showcases my personality, covered in my favorite stickers. These cult drink holders are more than just functional โ€” they've become canvases for beautiful art.

Decoration inspiration for Hydro Flasks is filling up the bright, aspirational corners of Instagram. That said, this artsy endeavor isn't only for the Etsy-oriented and the Monets among us. Anyone can add flair to a reusable water bottle with a little patience and creativity. Here are some of my favorite Hydro Flask decorating ideas from the Internet โ€” Birkenstocks and puka-shell necklaces not included.

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