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Flat-Belly Challenge Day 3

2 Ways to Work on Your Belly: Cardio Intervals and a Superfood Salad

Ready, reset, go! Our Flat-Belly Challenge pairs belly-blasting workouts with fat-burning recipes to help you slim your middle and strengthen your core. Day 3's challenge is a cardio belly buster followed by a filling superfood quinoa salad and a secret bonus boost.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kat Borchart

Cardio Intervals

If you want to achieve that flat belly, cardio intervals should be a regular part of your fitness routine. Short, intense bursts have been proven to melt away fat, especially around your midsection. This 30-minute treadmill workout is a favorite of celebs like Sandra Bullock and Kim Kardashian, and once you hop on the machine it'll be easy to see why. While it's only half an hour, this workout is challenging, so you'll burn major calories in just a few minutes.

Feel free to adjust the speed and incline depending on your running level. Print out the workout here.

Time Speed Incline Notes
0:00-6:30 4.5 0.0 Warmup
6:30-7:30 5.0 0.0 Begin Incline Run Section
7:30-8:30 5.0 15.0
8:30-9:30 5.0 0.0
9:30-10:30 6.0 10.0
10:30-11:00 5.0 0.0
11:00-11:30 7.0-9.0 5.0
11:30-12:30 3.0 0.0 End Incline Run Section
12:30-13:30 3.0-4.0 0.0 Begin Sprints and Walks Section
13:30-14:30 8.0-10.0 0.0
14:30-15:15 3.0 0.0
15:15-16:00 8.5 0.0
16:00-16:30 3.0 0.0
16:30-17:00 9.0 0.0
17:00-18:00 3.0 0.0 End Sprints and Walks Section
18:00-19:00 6.0 0.0 Begin Endurance Section
19:00-20:00 6.5 0.0
20:00-21:00 7.0 0.0
21:00-22:00 7.5 0.0
22:00-23:00 8.0 0.0
23:00-24:00 3.0 0.0 End Endurance Section
24:00-24:30 6.0 0.0 Start Flat and Hills Section
24:30-25:00 6.0 6.0
25:00-25:30 6.0 0.0
25:30-26:00 8.0 0.0
26:00-26:30 3.0 0.0
26:30-27:00 7.0 0.0
27:00-27:30 7.0 6.0
27:30-28:00 7.0 0.0
28:00-28:30 8.5 0.0
28:30-29:00 3.0 0.0 End Flat and Hills Section
29:00-34:00 4.0 0.0 Cooldown

Superfood Salad

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Leta Shy

After your sweat session, fuel up with a substantial salad with many different belly-busting properties. Quinoa is full of protein to help keep you full, while the fiber in kale will also help aid in slow digestion. Moreover, studies have shown that blueberries and almonds may both help diminish belly fat. At under 400 calories, this colorful and flavorful salad is hard to beat.

Get the recipe for this kale, quinoa, and blueberry superfood salad here.

Bonus Boost: Cranberry Apple Cider Vinegar Elixir

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Leta Shy

Need an extra boost on this hump day? Start your day with this caffeine-free cranberry and apple cider vinegar shot. A favorite of actress Nikki Reed, this detox drink masks the flavor of digestion-friendly, liver-cleansing apple cider vinegar with pure cranberry juice. The result? A boost of energy whenever you need it.

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