TikTok's 10 Best Manicurists to Follow For Nail-Art Tips, Tutorials, and More

TikTok is becoming the place to get your beauty tips, makeup hacks and hair inspiration right now, with people from around the world sharing their beauty know-how and experiments with the platform's one billion active monthly users. Still, there's one underrated corner of the video sharing app: NailTok.

NailTok is filled with amazing manicure hacks, pro nail artists, and product recommendations that will seriously level up your nail game. Whether you're looking for press-on ideas, gel polish tips and kits, festive nail art to try out at home, or just some nail color inspiration, it's all there on TikTok.

You'll even find nail techs sharing their behind-the-scenes experiences at their nail salons, including how much they make and the sets that they create for their clients. The videos where customers pick from a range of nail-art designs, nail shapes, and length options (without being able to see what they are) are by far our favorites — we love seeing how they turned out.

There are 1.1 billion #NailTok hashtags on TikTok, but if it hasn't made its way to your FYP just yet, we've got you. Read on for our list of the must-follow manicurists and nail artists on TikTok.

Nail Artist to Follow on TikTok: Vivian Xue

Vivian Xue creates the most iconic press-on nails inspired by everything from Jurassic Park through to the Mona Lisa. She creates extremely detailed, hand-painted, intricate nail art on her TikTok page. She started out in salon, but as fewer customers came through the doors during the pandemic, decided to turn her hand to creating and shipping press-on nails to her clients. After she started to post her nail designs on TikTok, her DMs were filled with people wanting to order their own sets.

Nail Artist to Follow on TikTok: Jayla Newsome

Self-taught nail artist Jayla Newsome has some serious artistry skills. Sharing what goes on behind the scenes in her Philly salon, her routines as a nail artist and the stunning sets she creates for her clients, if you love long nails, you're going to love seeing what Newsome creates. Check out the video of Jayla meeting Saweetie — the rapper loved Newsome's nails and waved her photographer over to take photos of her nail art.

Nail Artist to Follow on TikTok: Michelle Khan

Photographer by day and nail artist on TikTok by night, Michelle Khan is the queen of DIY nails. She shows off tutorials of gel nails and nail art that she's created at home, sharing the products, tips, and tricks that she used with her 593,000+ followers. She regularly re-creates celebrity nail looks from Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande, but also gives tips on how to care for your nails at home.

Nail Artist to Follow on TikTok: Nail Artist Kim

Kim keeps a low profile on TikTok, preferring to let her beautiful nail designs do the talking to her three million followers. From painted nails to shaping, nail transfers and glow-in-the-dark nails, she has a whole host of nail tutorials and step-by-step designs on her page. If you're in need of some creative nail inspo that you can copy at home, then this is page to head for.

Nail Artist to Follow on TikTok: Nadiya Ilysm

Canadian nail art blogger Nadiya Ilysm shares nail-art tutorials and tips on her page that are super creative, beautiful, and extremely useful for all budding nail artists out there. What the account is best known for — and regularly goes viral form — are her videos of nail art that incorporates weird everyday items and food. Peanut butter nail art or onion peel nails anyone?

Nail Artist to Follow on TikTok: Jess Found

Nail artist Jess Found is from the UK and regularly creates nail art designs to die for. She has everything from nail wraps and foil through to glitter, crystals, and gorgeous and creative acrylic powder designs. Found's nails are always on trend and always show off her skills as a nail artist — we love her bright pink and glittery nail looks the best.

Nail Artist to Follow on TikTok: Jess Liz

Jess Liz's TikTok bio reads "doing my nails at home so you can too" — which we forever appreciate. We love her DIY gel extension, practical gel manicure tips, and nail-art tutorials. She started doing her own nails as a way to save money and create the exact nail looks she wanted without damaging her nails. Liz shares all of the products that she uses along with easy-to-follow how-to's, so that her followers can re-create her nails at home.

Nail Artist to Follow on TikTok: Amanda Awan

Nail tech Amanda Awan, based in Stockholm, shows off the flawless nail art she creates in salon — her crisp lines, perfect polish work, and gorgeous nail art demonstrate just how good she is at her craft. She regularly posts client nails that she's created, tips for other nail artists, and tutorials on how to create specific looks as a nail professional.

Nail Artist on TikTok to Follow: Zara from Zacrylics

Nail artist Zara tries out new products, posts tutorials, and shares work that she's created for her clients on her page. She gives tips for other nail artists and honest feedback on all of the products that she uses. We adore her marbled nail looks along with her super-creative swirls and bright french tips. Her nail painting videos are filmed in such high definition it feels like you're being hypnotized.

Nail Artist to Follow on TikTok: Elen from LN Nailed It

Based in Amsterdam, nail artist Elen shares her pretty nail looks with her followers, sharing the products that she used to create looks and giving us a serious case of nail envy. We love the videos where she posts her ideas that she's drawn out quickly on her phone (kind of like a fashion sketch) before turning them into reality right there on TikTok — her skills and attention to detail are on point!