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Does Jorah Want Jon and Daenerys to Get Together?

Wait, Did Jorah Just Give Jon and Daenerys His Blessing?

Maybe it's not just us who's shipping Jon and Daenerys on Game of Thrones. Jorah and Jon have a heart to heart in in this week's episode when Jon tries to give Jorah Longclaw, the sword Jorah's father had bestowed on Jon when they were both in the Night's Watch. Jorah refuses the sword, telling Jon that his father wanted Jon to have it after the shame he brought on his house.

But the way Jorah tells Jon that it's his sword now — and the words he uses have us feeling like Jorah is now giving Jon his blessing to be with Daenerys (or at least ceding his position as a love interest for Daenerys). He looks at Jon and tells him that he should have the sword, "And your children after you . . ."

Jorah gives Jon a significant, pointed look, then; consider, also that he had just met Jon in person at Dragonstone, and there are hints of an awkward love triangle and jealousy when Jorah reunites with Daenerys, and they show affection in front of Jon. Jorah rejecting the sword with those words is an acknowledgment that Jorah probably won't go on to have future children of his own, but recognizes that Jon has a future. (Also interesting: the emphasis put on Daenerys's heirs — or lack thereof) in the same episode.) Given that his limited context for Jon is also in Jon's obvious chemistry with Daenerys, it seems clear that Jorah is subtly referencing their inevitable coupling.


The most recent episode has Jon bending the knee to Daenerys and sweetly holding her hand, so it feels like we are now hurtling toward this romance (which could actually solve this problem). And since Daenerys cares deeply about what those closest to her think, Jorah giving his seal of approval is of utmost importance.

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