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John Paul Jones and Derek Peth Feud on Bachelor in Paradise

BIP: John Paul Jones Confronted Derek Peth at a Wedding, Because Drama Has No Rules

John Paul Jones and Derek Peth Feud on Bachelor in Paradise
Image Source: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise has featured a lot of heated arguments over the years, but no one has ever been bold enough to interrupt a wedding with their troubles. Apparently, John Paul Jones doesn't give a hoot about those kinds of social pleasantries, because he chose to pick a fight with his fellow BIP cast member Derek Peth right after the wedding ceremony of season five alums Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson!

The couple, who met and got engaged during the Summer 2018 season of BIP, tied the knot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in June 2019 and had their wedding televised during Tuesday night's episode. Bachelor host Chris Harrison officiated the ceremony, with various Bachelor Nation stars in attendance, including current BIP cast members and now-newlyweds Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon. The gorgeous, beautiful celebration was unfortunately marred when JPJ decided to confront Derek about his "intentions" toward Tayshia Adams, who the 24-year-old financial analyst told cameras he was in love with.

Initially, JPJ went to Tayshia about his concerns with Derek, telling her before the wedding ceremony began that he had reservations about Derek's character. "Knowing the sort of man that you deserve, I don't think that Derek is that guy," he said to the 28-year-old phlebotomist. But Tayshia was quick to table the conversation (since, ya know, they're at a wedding), and told the younger man that she wanted to "nip that in the bud" herself. That didn't do anything to calm JPJ, who then went to vent to Katie Morton.

"Derek is full of sh*t . . . Derek has expressed to me multiple times [he's] reaching out to his fans, taking advantage of them sexually, as a result of acquiring fame through this process," Jones told her. "I don't want anyone messing with [Tayshia], anyone that could potentially break her heart. Look, she might not be the right person for me, but you know what? I want her to find happiness."

Let's table how JPJ didn't seem to have any of these concerns when Derek was pursuing Demi Burnett, and marinate on the fact that these are serious allegations to make against someone. JPJ even added that Derek is a "Bachelor Nation Groupie" who mentioned how easy it was to sleep with the women who follow Bachelor stars online. It doesn't look good on JPJ that he would bring this up now, in an obvious fit of jealousy.

But he still wasn't done! He even went up to Demi, asking her if she's ever felt that Derek was a "weird guy," which she denied. She noted that JPJ's anger seemed to stem from being upset about Derek's growing relationship with Tayshia, adding that she hoped the blond man wouldn't do anything scary in reaction.

When JPJ finally confronted Peth during cocktail hour, it was a mess of him flinging accusations and refusing to let Derek speak for himself, with the younger man alleging that Derek was doing it all for fame. Derek was noticeably taken aback by JPJ's accusations and definitely not a fan of the younger man talking over him. "You don't get to bulldoze through that statement," he told JPJ. "If you're not allowing me to talk, then you're bulldozing through that statement. If I'm not able to talk to you and you're just gonna angrily dismiss me, then I don't need to have a conversation. You're not allowing me to speak."

The entire confrontation brought the attention of the other wedding guests, and it's no surprise that the two weren't invited to the reception party afterward. When they returned to the BIP villa, JPJ confronted Derek once more, saying he stood by everything he said at the wedding and sternly warned Derek away from him the rest of the show. While he's obviously still set on pursuing Tayshia, it's up in the air if she'll still be interested in him after such a public blowup.

Also, if we're stating all the facts here, Tayshia pursued Derek and is obviously more interested in him than JPJ. She said as much to Annaliese, noting that JPJ is quite younger than her and doesn't seem to have "lived much life." At the moment, Bachelor Nation is more amused by the situation than anything else, but we'll have to see how long this drama goes on for. Some fans might actually have to choose a side if JPJ and Derek don't figure it out.

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