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Marvel Movie Timeline

What You Need to Remember From the Marvel Movies — in 1 Convenient Timeline

Marvel Movie Timeline
Image Source: Everett Collection

Now that we've been blessed with the record-smashing Captain Marvel, we bet you're already looking forward to ordering Avengers: Endgame tickets. Before you watch Endgame, you'll want to freshen up your knowledge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies — all 20 installations of them. If you, like most, don't have the time to devote 40 or so hours to the franchise, don't freak out yet. Just before the wild events of Endgame go down, check out this convenient timeline to refresh your memory (hopefully you weren't brainwashed like Bucky Barnes). From the forging of the Infinity Stones to Thanos's notorious finger snap, we've gathered the most important events of the MCU all in one place. It goes without saying that there are HUGE spoilers ahead for virtually all of the MCU films, so let this be your warning!

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