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What's Behind the Door With the Flower on AHS Cult?

AHS Finally Revealed What's Behind That Door With the Flower, and Oh My God Nightmares

When American Horror Story: Cult first premiered, we knew we were in for a seriously wild and terrifying ride unlike any other that creator Ryan Murphy has taken us on before. But with every new episode, we find ourselves even more shocked and left with even more questions. One of the earliest things we wondered about was what is behind that mysterious door in Kai and Winter Anderson's house. In the premiere, Kai (Evan Peters) rubs Cheeto dust on his face to look like President Donald Trump and wanders through his house, unable to control his happiness at the country's new leader. While roaming down a hallway, he stops at a door that has a padlock on it and one single rose sitting in an attached vase, stopping briefly to smell it. So what exactly is he hiding in his own house?

Some early fan theories hinted that the room could hold a random person that Kai kidnapped, or that he's able to lock up Winter sometimes due to his unhealthy control over her. But the darkest theory of them all turned out to be true: the room is actually the Anderson parents' tomb. In episode five, we see major events in Kai and Winter's history that have led them to become the cult leaders they are now.

While being pressed about his upbringing by Beverly, Kai breaks down in tears and reveals that his dad became an abusive alcoholic after becoming paralyzed due to a motorcycle accident. After enduring his abuse, Kai's mother shoots his father before turning the gun on herself. He then calls his brother, Dr. Vincent (Ally's therapist!), and asks what they should do. Vincent explains that if they call the police, all of their parents' money will be taken away, and they should instead put their parents back in their bed, conceal the room, and let them decompose naturally. Vincent also suggests that they can wait to tell Winter until she's home for break from college. We then see Kai frequently visit his parents' skeletons in their room, grieving over his mom and telling his dad that he gets pleasure in watching him rot.


Not only did this moment reveal Dr. Vicent as a mastermind in the deeply deranged family, but we also see a moment of weakness with Kai that could hint at further cracks in his perfect cult of clowns.

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