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This week's emotionally scarring episode of American Horror Story gave us more information than ever about Kai's crazy clown cult. Not only did we hone in on all the identities of the masked murderers, but we even got some insight into their little gatherings and their inside game. While it's clear we still don't know exactly why they're trying to incite so much fear in the community (is it just to get Kai elected and that's it?), there is one thing that, to me, seems abundantly clear: I don't think Kai's running the cult at all. I think it's Ally's psychiatrist, Dr. Rudy Vincent. And I've got plenty of reasons to help explain why.

1. He's Kai and Winter's Big Brother

When Kai finally admits his actual backstory to Beverly, he makes a shocking revelation: he and Winter have an older brother, and it's you-know-who. When you consider the hierarchical structure of the family, it makes sense that the oldest brother would be running the whole operation. Kai may seem like he's running the show, but I doubt he'd undermine his big brother if the two disagreed on something.

2. It Was His Idea to Hide Their Parents' Bodies

Really, this whole thing started because of Rudy. Kai calls his brother after his parents' whole murder-suicide situation, and it's Rudy's decision not to tell the cops. It's Rudy's decision to turn their bedroom into a tomb and Rudy's decision to keep them locked away forever. And Kai's listening to him. It makes much more sense to say that their dynamic didn't shift after that. So Kai has taken on the biggest responsibilities, but Rudy's the one who has final say on everything.


3. Kai Dresses Up With the Other Cult Members

When it comes to a boss of an evil underground organization, he doesn't get in on the action. Consider another famous cult leader: Charles Manson (who, by the way, is one of Evan Peters's characters in an upcoming episode). Charles Manson didn't really get his hands dirty. He called the shots, and all of his underlings carried out his orders. Even his most infamous crime, the murder of Sharon Tate, was carried out by his loyal followers. So why does Kai dress up with the rest of his clown clan? Maybe it's because Vincent is the real boss, commanding the operation from the safety of his scary office. It's like Kai is the district manager but Rudy's the president of the whole damn thing.

4. It Explains How the Cult Knows So Much About Ally

From the very start, the clowns seem to be very in the know when it comes to Ally's phobias. I mean, even the fact that the cult dresses up as clowns seems like something geared toward Ally's specific brand of madness. Then there are specific aspects of the clowns: consider the fact that Beverly's clown head is covered in holes, which can be linked to Ally's rampant trypophobia. The only way they'd have all this information is if Rudy is feeding it to them.

5. It Explains Why Ally Seems to Be a Target

Along the same lines, how would the cult know to focus on Ally in the first place? Why would it be so obsessed with her if there wasn't some sort of underlying motive? Clearly, Dr. Vincent has seen something in her that makes him want her. It's definitely not abundantly clear just yet, but he has to have a reason. Ally's involvement reveals Dr. Vincent two-fold: it explains why Ally is a target and why the cult is attuned to all her phobias. We just need to figure out why.

6. That Button Scene Makes So Much More Sense Now

We had an inkling that Dr. Vincent was evil pretty early on. During the third episode, he has a phone session with Ally. While they speak, he plays with five buttons that bear smiley faces. While they don't precisely match the real-life clowns (not in appearance or number), it still seems like a pretty glaring indicator of his guilt. The way he rearranges the separate buttons makes it seem like he's the true puppet master.

What do you think? Is our brain-fixer the mastermind behind this whole operation? Hopefully, all will be revealed in the episodes to come.

Image Source: FX
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