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What Does Dracarys Mean on Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones: The Bittersweet Significance of Missandei's Big Moment


Warning: Spoilers ahead for Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones!

The Battle of Winterfell may be over, but no one on Game of Thrones is safe yet. Case in point: Sunday night's episode saw Daenerys's army finally reach King's Landing to confront Cersei — only to have the Dragon Queen lose her most trusted and beloved advisor. During the invasion, Dany's translator and advisor Missandei is captured by Cersei and Euron Greyjoy's forces. In case we didn't remember how brutal Cersei can be, we're reminded of it when she has Missandei beheaded in view of everyone. Just before her death, though, Missandei shouts out a word that we've heard before, and it's incredibly significant.

Missandei shouts "Dracarys!" which is the command in Valyrian that we've heard Dany use before when she's commanding her dragons to unleash their fire. Missandei has been there before to witness the badass destruction the dragons have wrought, notably in season three when Dany freed the Unsullied and commanded her dragons to destroy a cruel group of slave masters. It's a word that belongs to Dany and her dragons, and in using it, Missandei uses her last breath to declare her loyalty one more time.

There's also the potential for a message in Missandei's use of the dragon cry. Up until now, Missandei has been Dany's closest advisor, and it's possible she was giving advice one last time with her final shout. By using the "dracarys" call, she could be signaling to Dany to treat Cersei the way she's treated enemies in the past: by burning them to the ground. Unfortunately, it might be a little harder for Dany to do that these days. Not only is she down two advisors (losing Missandei now and Jorah in the Battle of Winterfell), she's also down two dragons, with Rhaegal's death at the hands of Euron Greyjoy's fleet. Whether or not Dany is able to follow her friend's final advice, it's a bittersweet callback to the history these two women shared and a reminder of just how closely tied their stories have been.

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