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Why Wasn't Evan Peters in American Horror Story Premiere?

13 People Who Were Not Happy About the Lack of Evan Peters in AHS's Premiere

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After months of dissecting every creepy poster and confusing teaser, the highly anticipated sixth season of American Horror Story finally premiered on Wednesday night. The theme, or maybe-theme, My Roanoke Nightmare, follows a "real-life" couple giving interviews about their lives as a dramatic reenactment is shown using "actors." The couple, Shelby and Matt, settle into a country house in the South after enduring a few traumatic events in LA, including a miscarriage and being the victims of a violent gang initiation. But while we knew to expect a few returning cast members (Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett), we were introduced to people who were never announced for season six (Cuba Gooding Jr. and Andre Holland). But one returning cast member (and fan favorite) was noticeably absent from the premiere episode and the season's teaser: Evan Peters. Naturally, social media had a bit of a meltdown over Evan's absence, so to quench your thirst for blood over not seeing the actor yet, we've rounded up some of the best reactions below.

When Evan isn't in the episode.🙄 #ahs6 #wheresevan #evanpeters #wewantevan

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