The Bachelor: Peter and Hannah Ann's Breakup Timeline Makes Things Even More Awkward

Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor ended with a lot of heartbreak, but the timeline on air was a little bit fuzzy. If you're wondering when Peter and Hannah Ann broke up after their engagement, you're not alone! Fortunately, Hannah Ann herself is happy to clear it up. She went on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, hosted by past Bachelorettes Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin, to tell her side of the story. As it turns out, their breakup was even more hurtful to her than we saw on the air. Honestly, we're bigger fans of hers than ever before! Here's what we learned about how the whole timeline panned out.

  • Nov. 17, 2019: The show taped the final rose ceremony in Australia. On the day of the ceremony, Hannah Ann — who didn't know that Madison had left the show, but did know that Peter was still openly struggling with his feelings for both women — briefly debated not showing up to the ceremony at all. Hannah Ann revealed on the podcast that her hesitation was largely due to the fact that she sensed she wasn't getting the whole picture from Peter. And, as we all know, she was right. Still, she ultimately did show up, and Peter surprised her by proposing. She accepted, and all seemed peachy.
  • Jan. 6, 2020: Hannah Ann confirmed that she and Peter were still together when the season premiered on Jan. 6. The first week of the competition featured Peter meeting all the women for the first time, as well as the dramatic return of Hannah Brown. Rachel drew listeners' attention to the fact that they'd had Peter on the podcast the following day, Jan. 7, and that both he and his mom Barb seemed very happy at the time. This clocks with the couple still being together and the engagement being on.
  • Early January 2020: As the season started airing, Hannah Ann explained, she began to realize that things weren't adding up. "He always made sure to reassure me that I was his person, that I was the love of his life, and that he was always going to choose me . . . but as the season started to roll, things weren't adding up." Soon after that, he approached her and told her he felt he still needed to reach out to Hannah Brown for "closure," which took Hannah Ann completely by surprise — she hadn't been on the group date where Hannah Brown showed up, so she had had no idea about that emotional conversation until it aired. At that point, she told Becca and Rachel, "[He didn't] seem ready for any kind of commitment, let alone an engagement . . . I was questioning my own self, because he was trying to convince me that that was something that he needed. And I'm like, 'I don't quite feel settled with that.'"
  • Late January 2020: Hannah Ann said the Hannah Brown conversation took place "a week before we broke up," which happened in the emotional conversation shown on the Bachelor finale when he visited her in Los Angeles. According to Bachelor spoiler blogger Reality Steve, that breakup happened the week prior to the Super Bowl. He'd told her and his parents that he was working through some "unresolved issues," but the actual breakup was still a surprise. "When I showed up to the breakup, that was the very first time I heard him say, 'I can't give you my full heart.'. . . I said, 'Hey, if you're wanting to end things, can you give me a little bit of a heads up? I'll be fine, trust me.' We actually had talked that morning [and decided] that we weren't going to break up, that we were going to work through it." On the plus side, she said, watching the season back helped her get over it and feel like she came out ahead anyway. "It's really helped me move forward, because I know I deserve more than someone just half loving me. I deserve someone who's going to give me 100 percent." Yes, you do!