Presenting 21 Memes Inspired by Hannah Ann's "Talk to the Hand" Moment on The Bachelor

ABC via Giphy
ABC via Giphy

No shocker here: there were almost too many meme-worthy moments to count during The Bachelor's dramatic season finale. Most of them were fueled by Peter Weber's mom, Barbara, and her eye-rolls, stabbing glares, and over-the-top, Oscar-worthy weeps, but there was one particular scene with contestant Hannah Ann Sluss that really struck a chord and got my meme-creating juices a-flowin'.

The inspiring moment unfolded in the first half of the finale episode, when Hannah Ann reunited with Peter a month after he proposed to her in Australia. Peter revealed that he wasn't completely over his feelings for Madison, leading them to break off their engagement — and prompting Hannah Ann to depart after sharing a few choice words. When she hopped in the car waiting in the driveway, Peter tried to squeeze in a few last words, but Hannah Ann was over his sh*t and not down to hear any more excuses. She put up her hand and simply said, "Leave. Leave. Bye," to tell him off for good.

Here's a quick replay of the iconic moment in question, for your viewing pleasure.

ABC via Giphy

Hannah Ann's hand gesture did wind up sparking a handful of funny memes across Bachelor Twitter the night of the finale, but honestly, not nearly as many as I think it deserves. So I've taken it upon myself to conjure up more ideas about what else the empowering moment could signify — because why not? Without further ado, I present 21 meme phrases inspired by Hannah Ann's applause-worthy goodbye to her ex-fiancé.

  • When a coworker tries to talk to me before I've had my coffee
  • When someone tries to make plans after 10 p.m.
  • When a family member asks why I'm still single at Thanksgiving
  • Me to anyone who bites into cheese sticks rather than peels them
  • When a guy in a bar touches my lower back to "squeeze by"
  • When I'm assigned the middle seat and the other two passengers in my row have the audacity to actually show up for the flight
  • When someone tells me they don't like Schitt's Creek
  • Me to toxic friendships and masculinity
  • When someone near me chews with their mouth open
  • When a guy's dating app profile includes a photo of him holding a fish
  • When your "BFF" posts the one picture you're blinking in
  • Me to anyone who claps when the plane lands
  • When a store clerk tells me they don't offer student discounts — even though I am, in fact, no longer a student
  • Me to every guy who wears flip-flops
  • When someone catcalls me on the street
  • When a guy manspreads on public transportation
  • When my workout class instructor says, "Alright, now THIS is actually the last set"
  • When I hear low-rise jeans are making a comeback
  • When your friend group wants to do a "cheers" Boomerang at brunch
  • Me to anxious, dark thoughts that creep in at 2 a.m.
  • Most importantly, me to Peter Weber after this season of The Bachelor