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TV Reboots That Have Been Cancelled

Are TV Reboots Actually Successful? Here Are 12 That Didn't Last

TV Reboots That Have Been Cancelled
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Love them or hate them, TV reboots are, like Thanos, inevitable in our nostalgia-swept culture. From Lizzie McGuire to Gossip Girl, the reboot trend is now a business in its own right. But in an age where we have a constant influx of new content, are these shows boundary-pushing or lucrative anymore? Some TV reboots have far exceeded expectations, such as Queer Eye. But many others haven't done very well, even if they sprouted from classic popular shows, such as Murphy Brown and 90210. Even critically acclaimed and beloved series like One Day at a Time face cancellation. Often, a mix of poor critical reception and low viewership will throw these shows off the air or your favorite streaming services — ahead, we've compiled some of the most recent reboots to get the ax.

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