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How to Talk to Girls About Their Bodies

How to Talk to Girls About Their Bodies at Every Age

How to Talk to Girls About Their Bodies

How your daughter views her body can have a lasting impact on both her physical and emotional health. Starting from when your little girl is a tot, she starts absorbing messages regarding body image and self-worth. As her parent, what you say and do matters, especially when it comes to talking about physical appearance and weight, even when it isn't directed at her. This means that it's important to realize how you can help (or harm) your little girl at every step of her development.

According to research from the Center For Disease Control and National Association of Eating Disorders, this is a topic that parents of girls should consider at every age and not just immediately before or after puberty. At just 6 years old, girls start showing concern for their weight or appearance, and by the time kids hit elementary school, half of them are worried about their weight or becoming fat.

While every child is different, check out these helpful tips for how to talk to your daughter about her body depending on her age.

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