Have an Hour to Work Out but Don't Know What to Do? Pick Any One of These 11 Videos

For some, planning your workouts might seem daunting, especially if you have a longer period of time to fill. Only have a half hour? You can be strategic about it and find quick yet effective routines that will make the most of those 30 minutes (because time is fleeting, but your fitness goals don't have to be). Take, for instance, this 30-minute running HIIT workout or this 30-minute butt workout from a trainer. However, if you often only do shorter sessions, being given a full hour to sweat can be intimidating.

You might be thinking the following: how do I split up my time? Should I do cardio and weights? Do I need to target all muscle groups? Can I even work out for an hour straight — an entire episode's worth of Game of Thrones?

The answer? Sure, you can! And ahead, you won't have to figure out what you'll be doing for 60 minutes. Just find an open space and choose an hour-long trainer-led workout that seems right for you. There's a mix of 60-minute boxing-inspired routines, strength training, HIIT, and power yoga flows. Take your pick!

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60-Minute Cardio-Boxing Workout From Class FitSugar

This hour-long cardio-boxing session from Class FitSugar is led by Equinox's The Cut cocreator and Boxing and Bubbles creator Christa DiPaolo. It combines kickboxing with boxing moves and bodyweight strength training. For the jabs and uppercuts, you can use small weights (DiPaolo suggests a one-pound dumbbell) or no weights at all.

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60-Minute HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout From Fitness Blender

This 60-minute HIIT session will get your heart rate up and also target your abs. It consists of a six-minute cardio warmup, a six-minute cooldown, and a 48-minute Tabata-style workout. That means you'll be doing eight rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for each exercise. Get ready for moves like mountain switchfoot burpees, scissor kicks, and side plank toe touches.

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60-Minute Shakti Power Flow From Yoga With Adriene

Adriene Mishler will guide you through this yoga flow that, as she says, will help you "step into your power and find what feels good." It's just under one hour.

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60-Minute Workout With Jeanette Jenkins and Class FitSugar

This 60-minute workout from Hollywood Trainer founder Jeanette Jenkins promises to torch calories. It's a full-body session that will get your heart rate up with cardio series that include moves like high knees as well as boxing-inspired combos.

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60-Minute Full-Body Workout From Sydney Cummings

NASM-certified personal trainer Sydney Cummings will lead you through an hour-long full-body workout. You'll be doing dumbbell, cardio, ab, and full-body bodyweight circuits. You'll need a mat and a single weight.

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60-Minute HIIT Workout With Weights and Ab Work From HASfit

This hour-long session from HASfit is full-body HIIT followed by a section focused on abs. There will also be a warmup and a cooldown. It's up to you which dumbbells you choose to use for the weighted moves, but they want you to keep in mind that this is not a beginner workout.

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60-Minute HIIT Workout From Sydney Cummings

Cummings has another 60-minute workout, and this one is HIIT. It only incorporates bodyweight moves, so you won't need any equipment.

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60-Minute Fitness Blender Workout With HIIT, Strength, Kickboxing, and Abs

Fitness Blender brings you this workout that's just over an hour comprised of the following: five-minute warmup, 16-minute HIIT, 13-minute upper-body strength, 10-minute kickboxing, 12-minute core and cardio, and five-minute cooldown. You'll need dumbbells for part of the video, but otherwise, just find an open space and an exercise mat if you're on hard flooring and want some support.

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60-Minute Total-Body Weighted Strength Workout From HASfit

For this full-body weighted workout from HASfit, you'll need dumbbells and either a bench, box, or step. There are five parts: back, legs, chest, biceps, and triceps.

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60-Minute Core Strength Vinyasa Flow From Yoga With Adriene

Here's another Vinyasa flow from Mishler that she calls "compassion yoga." It promises to target your core and is just under an hour!

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60-Minute Cardio Speed and Agility Workout From Sydney Cummings

Cummings has another 60-minute workout for you, this time focused on speed and agility. It is cardio-based and will get your heart rate up. No equipment needed — just your kickass self!