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10-Minute Butt and Thigh Workout With Jenna Willis

Celeb Trainer Jenna Willis's 10-Minute Butt and Thigh Workout Will Make Your Legs Scream

Join celebrity trainer and wellness coach Jenna Willis as she leads you through a 10-minute, no-equipment butt and thigh workout alongside class members Chelsey Cioli and Jai Jordan. In this routine, you'll start off right away with a series of squats, glute bridges, and plank kickbacks, and then work your way into plenty of other thigh-burning moves. Willis offers plenty of advancements and modifications, so you can tweak the workout to meet your fitness level. All you need is a mat to get started!

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Willis's outfit: Alo Yoga. Cioli's outfit: Uniqlo. Jordan's outfit: Old Navy.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios
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