If You Suffer From Achy, Tight Hips, Get Instant Relief With This 10-Minute Yoga Video

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Have your hips felt tighter and more achy lately? Yoga instructor Bria Hamlet shared this 10-minute video on her YouTube channel to open your tight hips. This sequence is perfect for a beginner or an intermediate yogi as it's slow-paced and focuses on holding poses to get a deeper stretch. The video includes moves such as hip circles, Child's Pose, and Downward Facing Dog. As a bonus, this yoga flow is relaxing, so it can also help relieve stress and induce a sense of calm.

Hamlet told POPSUGAR, "I sequenced it to combat tightness from excessive sitting, especially during this pandemic, and it can be modified to various skill levels. I'd recommend completing it at least twice a week!" Find a quiet space to get on the floor, and take the next 10 minutes just for you, to breathe deeply and move with intention.