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20-Minute Relaxation Stretch With Sydney Cummings

Rest and Recover With This 20-Minute Relaxation Stretch Video From Sydney Cummings

Recovery is just as important as your workout, and rest days are essential. If you never take the time to stretch after your exercise, you risk muscle tightness, soreness, and injury. Luckily, NASM-certified personal trainer Sydney Cummings came through with this 20-minute relaxation stretch you can do on your rest day or after a long workout.

She'll lead you through gentle movements and stretches that target your whole body such as the reclined hamstring stretch, the figure four, and the supine spinal twist. Even if you just want to get a little movement in during the day or wind down before bed, Cummings's soothing voice and calming movements will definitely help you relax.

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