Want to Elevate Your Yoga Flow? Try Tiffany Croww's 3-Minute Chair Sequences on TikTok

Courtesy of Tiffany Crociani
Courtesy of Tiffany Crociani

Just as yoga is about being flexible among other things, the practice itself stretches across many areas of movement — there are various types — and it is extremely versatile. This means it varies in length, intensity, and purpose, and it can be done anywhere and with many different props. Tiffany Crociani (Tiffany Croww for short), RYT 200, a yogi turned yoga instructor based in California, posts on her TikTok page, too, that a yoga body can truly be any body. Her three-minute flows bring quick stretch sessions right to you, and the videos currently on her account use a single chair.

Crociani, who also has certifications in yoga accessibility and chair yoga from My Vinyasa Practice, told POPSUGAR, "If you can breathe, you can do chair yoga." She added that her chair flows are a perfect "quick picker-upper" for people sitting all day. They're for parents who just put their kids to sleep and "maybe for someone who just wants a taste of movement," she said. All levels are welcome.

Ahead, check out three of Crociani's chair flows: a Vinyasa video, one with seated stretches, and another specifically for your chest. They prove that whether you need to use a chair for modifications or simply to change things up in your yoga practice, a chair is an everyday tool that can bring stability and bring the heat. Got three minutes?

3-Minute Chair Vinyasa Flow

For this Vinyasa flow that features Downward Dog, lunges, Upward Dog, and planks, the chair will act as your support. "I like incorporating a chair in my flows because some people can't get onto the ground," Crociani said. "And it offers almost the same challenge."

3-Minute Seated Chair Stretches

You'll do twists, side stretches, and Seated Forward Fold in this flow along with a cute "shoulder dance." Crociani said that you'll probably break less of a sweat in this video than in her Vinyasa flow. Give it a go!

3-Minute Gentle Chest Opener

This video is great for people who sit all day and might need to correct their posture. Yes, there's even a shoulder dance in this one, too!