Wake Up Your Core With This 5-Minute Pilates Mat Routine

Join trainer Khetanya Henderson for a five-minute Pilates core workout joined by Poofy Moffitino and Ellie Aviles. In this quick yet effective routine, you'll work your way through crunches, roll-ups, and classic Pilates series of five. In all, it's only five minutes long, but you're sure to feel your core after this workout. All you need is a mat to get started!

Henderson is a certified Pilates instructor, NASM-certified trainer, and former collegiate soccer player. In addition to teaching all kinds of fitness, she's also an actor and dancer, appearing in commercials and on stage with Cirque du Soleil.

Henderson's outfit: All Fenix

Moffitino's outfit: Uniqlo

Aviles's outfit: Varley

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