This Full-Body Workout With a Chair and Pair of Dumbbells Is a Trainer's "Sweat Therapy"

We know home workouts can be tough, but if 2020 has taught us anything about exercise, it's that sweat sessions in our living rooms (or any room, for that matter) really can work! Trainer and founder of Thick Athletics Lita Lewis is here with a routine that will work your entire body right at home, and all you need are a chair (a stool, bench, couch, or sturdy surface also could suffice) and a pair of dumbbells. Lewis uses 20-pound dumbbells but says to lift what you can — and if that means 10-pound weights, that's totally fine!

Lewis's full-body workout consists of seven compound exercises, which are movements that work large muscle groups at a time. Do 12 reps of each move — or 12 on each side — for three rounds. The moves are: sit squat and jump; Bulgarian split squat; single-leg Romanian deadlift (with your back foot elevated) and bicep curl; squat, curl, and press; alternating front lunge with Romanian deadlift; Romanian deadlift and bicep curl; and front row with alternating forward lunge.

Watch Lewis demonstrate the compound exercises in the Instagram slideshow above, and get ready to sweat. Lewis even calls this "sweat therapy," and we could definitely use some!