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77-Year-Old Woman Doing CrossFit

This 77-Year-Old "Fighter" and CrossFitter Makes a Perfect Push-Up Look Easy

Carolyn doesn't do knee push ups because she is as hard as woodpecker lips. Be like Carolyn.

A post shared by CrossFit Agoge (@crossfitagoge) on

At CrossFit Agoge in Colorado, 77-year-old Carolyn is known as a fighter around the gym — and a recent video is proof. On Instagram, CrossFit Agoge shared a video of Carolyn doing a proper push-up with ease and control.

Though modified push-ups are great for people of all levels, the caption applauded Carolyn's ability to do the unmodified version. It read, "Carolyn doesn't do knee push ups [sic] because she is as hard as woodpecker lips. Be like Carolyn."

While CrossFit is a difficult and physically taxing form of exercise, many older fitness enthusiasts have taken to it. Carolyn is not alone! Earlier this year, 65-year-old Freda Bernadette made headlines for her impressive CrossFit regimen, as well.

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