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Best Dumbbell Arm Exercises

Want Strong, Chiseled Arms? Here Are 11 Dumbbell Exercises Trainers Want You to Do

Best Dumbbell Arm Exercises
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If you really want to strengthen your arms, grab a pair dumbbells and prepare to feel the burn. When done consistently (at least twice a week), strength training with dumbbells can help you build muscle from your shoulders and back to your triceps and biceps. So what exercises do trainers like the most? Well, we asked and they answered, sharing 11 can't-miss moves that'll help you sculpt your arms.

We don't recommend doing all these moves in one workout (your arms will not thank you for that!). Instead, sprinkle a few throughout your weekly routine to really work your upper body. You'll need two dumbbells, so feel free to start with whatever size you need; you may want to start with three- or five-pounders and work your way up. (Here's a guide for choosing the right weight.) Then keep reading for the dumbbell arm moves that'll get your muscles shaking!

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