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Best Exercises For Weak Glutes

11 Butt Exercises That Trainers Want You to Do to Shape and Strengthen Your Weak Glutes

Best Exercises For Weak Glutes
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Strengthening your glute muscles is a worthy goal, and not just for aesthetic reasons. Weak glute muscles don't just result in a less-than-shapely butt; they can also lead to back pain and increased risk of injury, according to ACE-certified personal trainer Rachel MacPherson. "As the largest muscle in your body, they work as part of your core to support your spine and knee joints," Rachel explained. If you sit all the time or don't work your glutes enough, the muscles "can become stretched and weakened," Rachel explained. That can lead to back pain and quad tightness, which increases the risk of pain, injury, and dysfunction.

You can work the following 11 glute-strengthening exercises into any lower-body or full-body workout to build up muscle strength. You can also use a few of the bodyweight options to "activate" your glutes before a workout, which readies your body for the entire workout, said Jason Raynor, CSCS, fitness director at the JW Marriott Chicago. "You're getting more muscle engagement and optimizing your workout if you do these before," he explained.

Keep reading for 11 trainer-recommended glute exercises that will help you increase strength, power, and stability in these crucial core muscles.

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