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14 Best Gym-Workout Apps

14 Workout Apps to Download Before You Head to the Gym

14 Best Gym-Workout Apps
Image Source: Pexels / Ivan Samkov

In the same way that a proper pair of running shoes can improve your stride and a stylish matching set can motivate you to go to the gym, the right workout app can help you enjoy and get the most out of your sweat session. If you're feeling a little lost at the gym, or just want to step up your game, a personal trainer isn't the only way to hold yourself accountable. Your phone — along with the right workout app — can be your most important fitness accessory, too.

From audio workouts to customized routines, these gym-workout apps give you access to all kinds of resources and features designed to bring you one step closer to accomplishing your goals. And there's a workout app for every objective, whether you want to get stronger, learn to lift weights, run a 5K, or just stick with a consistent routine. Whether you're regular at the gym or setting foot in one for the very first time, there's something here to help. Discover 14 of the best workout apps for the gym, any of which are worth downloading before your next visit, and watch as your workouts become more rewarding and more purposeful than ever.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo

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