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Best Foot Stretch For Runners

The Must-Do Foot Stretch After Every Single Run

Your runner's feet need some serious TLC! Since a daily foot massage usually isn't possible, here's the next-best thing for instant relief. After a run, slip off your sneakers and socks and give this intense stretch for the muscles in the soles of your feet a go.

  • Kneel on a mat or carpet. Tuck your toes toward your knees and then slowly lower your pelvis to your heels.
  • Stay like this for at least 30 seconds (or release when you've had enough) and then slowly lift your hips off your heels, point your toes away from your knees, and sit back down on your heels to stretch the tops of your feet.
  • Repeat two or three more times.
Join The Conversation
yamagrl yamagrl 9 years
This is a good one, just be aware that for some people when they first practise this pose, it can make you feet or toes cramp up. But, it feels so good and once you're use to stretching them like this, they won't cramp up anymore.
atomic83 atomic83 9 years
I walk a lot and I am always looking for new ways to stretch my feet. Will definitely try this. I recently started taking a pilates class, and the instructor often has us do foot and ankle work/stretching. It's REALLY nice and makes a big difference for me, so I would definitely recommend it!
BeautyXRush BeautyXRush 9 years
Sometimes my toes like try to bend the opposite direction if I stretch them too much. It's scary.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Good one...
amyonedge amyonedge 9 years
Looks like I should give it a toes could use a stretch!
linb linb 9 years
"Toe Breaker"?
psychobabble psychobabble 9 years
I just got back from a run and tried this, it's a great stretch even if I can only stretch my triceps like that on one side! (can't get the other arm around behind my back) Thanks Fit, I'll be adding this to my routine!
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