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Best Hip Thrust and Glute Bridge Exercises For Your Butt

A Personal Trainer Shares 10 Bodyweight Moves For Booty Gains

A post shared by Sohee Lee (@soheefit) on

Whether you have a flat butt that you are looking to plump up or want to strengthen the derrière you already have, everyone can benefit from booty exercises. Some of the best moves you can do to build and strengthen your butt are hip thrusts and glute bridges. Not sure how to perform them? Personal trainer Sohee Lee (@soheefit on Instagram) showed 10 variations on these popular exercises with a video post.

Although hip thrusts and glute bridges may seem like the same exercises, Sohee explained the key difference in her caption: your shoulders are elevated for hip thrusts, while your shoulders are on the ground for glute bridges. She also said hip thrusts activate the quads more.

In her post, she showed a standard hip thrust, single-leg hip thrust, frog pump, frog thrust, glute bridge, single-leg glute bridge, feet-elevated glute bridge, single-leg foot-elevated glute bridge, shoulder- and feet-elevated hip thrust, and shoulder- and feet-elevated single-leg hip thrust.

If you want to mix up your lower-body workouts, give these moves a try. The best part is you need minimal equipment: just a short step-up bench and a plyo box.

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