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Best Protein Ice Creams

I Tested Protein-Packed Healthy Ice Creams — These 6 Are Quite the Treat

Best Protein Ice Creams
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Alexandra Hubbell

As you try to keep calories down to stay healthy, it's a miracle that more and more brands are releasing healthy versions of ice cream so you don't have to quit your Summer habit — let's be real, Summer wouldn't be Summer without some ice cream!

You know that these healthy ice creams are lower in sugar than the regular thing and that most of them even contain some protein as an added bonus, but when it comes to the cold treat, it's really all about the taste, right? That's why I tried all the healthy ice creams I could find in my local grocery store and ranked them by texture, flavor, and nutrition. This is how they panned out, from OK to a sinfully decadent favorite that I will be buying in bulk.

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