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CBD Oil Drink Recipe For Sleep

This Dreamy CBD Oil "Moon Milk" Is Here to Cure Your Nighttime Anxiety and Sleep Woes

Guys, falling asleep is hard. Try as I might to blissfully count sheep while cuddled up in my sheets, my stressed-out brain always manages to take the reins, simultaneously circulating thoughts about my overflowing laundry basket that desperately needs attention, the next workday's to-do list, my bank account that's constantly begging for mercy, and, oh sh*t — did I forget to call my mom today? Next thing I know, it's 3:17 a.m., I've switched sleeping positions about 23 times, and I'm stressing out about being stressed out, wondering why human brains weren't simply programmed with an "off" switch. Sound familiar?

If you, too, struggle with a flood of anxious thoughts at bedtime, there's a bright, froth-covered light at the end of the sleepless tunnel. I touched base with Instagram-famous stylist, recipe developer, and wellness blogger Alison Wu (um, coolest job title ever!) to get the scoop on her latest nighttime-approved, anti-anxiety concoction: CBD oil moon milk. It harnesses the anti-inflammatory, insomnia-fighting powers of cannabidiol — the latest trend to make waves on the wellness scene — into a creamy beverage that just might be more effective at promoting sleep than those lame furry sheep.

First, some background on this so-called moon milk. The beverage hails from Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu system of medicine that's rooted in natural healing, in case you haven't brushed up on your world history in a while. Back in the day (like, way back in the day) this medical system established the tradition of sipping warm milk to help with drifting off to sleep. Nowadays, some moon milk variations (like Alison's) actually don't even include milk, and they get their creamy milk-like consistency when the ingredients come together.

And, of course, some background on CBD oil, in case you somehow haven't stumbled upon the dozens of CBD-infused products currently flooding the internet. CBD is an active component in cannabis, but unlike THC (the psychoactive component), CBD doesn't get you high. There's a laundry list of benefits to ingesting CBD, including anxiety reduction and muscle or joint pain relief. CBD oil can be ingested via a tincture, the most common method, or through edibles, sprays, vapor, and salves. Oh, and there's CBD bath bombs, too. What a world we live in.

So, now that you've got the proper background under your belt, let's get back to that moon milk recipe, shall we? Alison's dreamy concoction features the nine ingredients below for one serving:

Voilà! You have yourself a foamy nighttime latte of sorts — except it swaps caffeine for a hearty serving of zen. If this moon milk tickles your fancy, may we suggest CBD-infused coffee for curing your AM blues? Talk about around-the-clock anxiety-busting!

Image Source: Alison Wu
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