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Califia Farms Almondmilk Holiday Nog

Califia's Almondmilk Holiday Nog Is the Closest Thing to the Real Deal We've Tried

Image Source: Califia Farms

Two of my greatest loves in this world are 1) the holiday season and 2) healthy eating. This past weekend, I drove to two different Whole Foods markets to secure two 48-ounce bottles (mind you, for one person — just me) of Califia Farms Almondmilk Holiday Nog. Why? Because it's that freakin' good.

I'm neither vegan nor am I dairy-free in my dieting, but Califia's almond milks have become a staple in my refrigerator. Whether it's for coffee, cereal, a smoothie, baking, or sometimes even just a small glass to drink, I've been feeling lighter and healthier by swapping my toasted coconut almond milk for milk and reducing my dairy intake. When I noticed the brand's Holiday Nog on shelves last year, I knew I had to try it — and became subsequently so obsessed with it that I've been counting down the days until its return to my local grocer.

Look, I love me a good classic eggnog, but to be honest, it can really upset my stomach (anyone else have that issue?). I love the nutmeg flavor and rich, silky creaminess of the real deal, but I usually limit myself to an espresso-mug-size serving because it can be so physically uncomfortable to drink. But with this almond nog, I get the cozy and comforting flavors of eggnog with zero digestive distress. It's a serious win.


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What most excites me is that I'll be making eggnog-flavored chia pudding, eggnog overnight oats, and dairy-free eggnog lattes all season. So not only is this a great standalone beverage, but it's also a solid festive ingredient to have in your refrigerator through the holidays.

A four-ounce serving is only 50 calories, with just eight grams of sugar, 1.5 grams of fat, nine grams of carbohydrates, and one gram of protein. Compare that to the classic version of eggnog: roughly 160 calories, 13 grams of sugar, 10 grams of fat (five saturated!), 13 grams of carbohydrates, and five grams of protein.

Eggnog is delicious, and if you don't have dietary restrictions (and your digestion allows), you should definitely indulge over the holidays — after all, it's only available once a year! But if you need a little bit of balance and want all those feel-good holiday flavors in a lighter way, I would 1,000 percent recommend checking out this incredibly flavorful and true-to-the-original nog.

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